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Eradicate odours and leave urinals spotless

<strong>Long-lasting</strong> urinal mat (6-8 weeks)

Long-lasting urinal mat (6-8 weeks)

Strong, <strong>fresh fragrance</strong>

Strong, fresh fragrance

Use in <strong>any style urinal, including waterless</strong>

Use in any style urinal, including waterless

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URIGARD REVOLUTION is a long-lasting, bacteria-infused urinal mat that cleans urinals and connected drainlines, stops bad bacteria growth, leaves urinals smelling fresh, and prevents splashback.

Less splashback, fewer smells, and easy installation help cut down labour time and cost in commercial applications.

The tech spec

How does it work?

URIGARD REVOLUTION Urinal Treatment is a revolutionary optimal urinal protection and treatment product consisting of a specially formulated transparent polymer screen infused with optimised natural bacteria, odour counteractants and deodourants providing maximum odour control and cleaning properties for all types of urinals and connected drain lines.

Where can I use it?

URIGARD REVOLUTION Urinal Treatment is effective for the cleaning and deodourising of all styles of urinals while at the same time cleaning, deodourising and maintaining the entire drain system.

Recommended for use in waterless urinals

How long does it last?

It provides 30+ days of activity even under heavy use conditions and in many cases will remain effective for 6 to 8 weeks. It lasts longer due to graduated scent and bacterial release. Deodourising and effectiveness are optimized over longer times

Is it environmentally sound?

Yes, it is VOC compliant with no ozone depleting ingredients.

Is it economical?

Yes, with 10x more fragrance, it provides revolutionary deodourising power which is released over 30+ days and far exceeds and outlasts traditional vinyl urinal screens and deodourising blocks.

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