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Clean, disinfect, and deodourise industrial spaces

Wide range of <strong>commercial and industrial applications</strong>

Wide range of commercial and industrial applications

<strong>Cuts through dirt, destroys bacteria,</strong> and <strong>eliminates odours</strong>

Cuts through dirt, destroys bacteria, and eliminates odours

<strong>Non-irritating</strong> to skin

Non-irritating to skin

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TRIOSAN solves three cleaning needs with one product, helping cut down on cost, storage needs, and training for staff in commercial and industrial spaces.

TRIOSAN is effective against fungi and viruses, and can be used on a variety of hard surfaces, including floors, walls, tables, countertops, sinks, bed frames, food processing equipment and more.

The tech spec

How does it work?

TRIOSAN cleans, disinfects, sanitises and is effective against fungi and viruses when used as directed. It contains a dual quaternary ammonium compound for effectiveness against a broad range of microorganisms and it meets the most recent requirements for biocidal activity and tolerance to organic soil.

Where can I use it?

For general cleaning, disinfecting and deodourising of hard surfaces such as floors, walls, tables, countertops, lockers, rubber apparel, waste receptacles, sinks, bed frames, toilets, showers, tile and grout, swimming pool deck areas and equipment, gym equipment, washrooms, telephones, drinking fountains, garbage packers and trucks, animal enclosures, crates and holding pens as well as fish, meat and food processing equipment and their environs.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is non-irritating to the skin and hands at use-dilutions. It is less irritating than other types of disinfectants at no dilution.

Does it deodourise?

Yes, it automatically deodourises as it cleans and eliminates odours from mold, mildew and decomposition by killing putrefactive bacteria.

Does the product tolerate hard water?

Yes, it has a non-ionic detergent base. The absence of soap results in tolerance to hard water up to 250 ppm (CaCO3) at sanitising levels.

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