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Disinfectant – Sanitiser – Deodoriser – Mildewstat

Efficient, economical and food-safe sanitiser

No extra prep with this food-safe product

No extra prep with this food-safe product

No more funky smells

No more funky smells

No polishing needed - leaves no residual

No polishing needed - leaves no residual

QSAN-PLUS is a disinfectant, formulated and tested to kill most pathogens at 1:500 dilution ratio.

No rinsing is required after application and it leaves no residue. It is odourless, non-corrosive and approved for use in food processing areas.

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The tech spec

How does it work?

QSAN-PLUS sanitiser is the final product to be used for the meat and food processing/handling industry. When used in conjunction with ENVIRO-LAB cleaners, the maintenance personnel are afforded the most complete maintenance system available.

Where can I use it?

It is excellent for sanitising food preparation and production equipment for all types of food, beverage and meat processing plants. It is also effective as sanitising rinse for dishes, glasses, utensils and cookware in restaurants and bars.

Does water hardness matter?

No, QSAN-PLUS is effective over a wide pH range as well as in most hard water conditions.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is odourless, non-staining, tasteless and relatively non-toxic when used as directed. It is also non-corrosive and therefore safe for prolonged use on metal equipment and surfaces.

How do I apply it?

Apply via low pressure spray, trigger sprayer, cloth, sponge or mop. Allow at least 60 second surface contact time and let air dry.

Is it economical?

Yes. A high concentration provides maximum economy whilst not compromising sanitising ability. It works well using automatic mixing stations or metered dispensing spraying equipment.

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