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Stop foul odours and dissolve grease. Everywhere.

<strong>Eliminate bad smells</strong> where they occur, in <strong>garbage areas, septic tanks, and more.</strong>

Eliminate bad smells where they occur, in garbage areas, septic tanks, and more.

<strong>Degreasing cleaner</strong> for <strong>hard floor surfaces, walls, and tabletops</strong>

Degreasing cleaner for hard floor surfaces, walls, and tabletops

Perfect to <strong>destroy odours and buildups</strong> in <strong>urinals</strong>

Perfect to destroy odours and buildups in urinals

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ODOR-RID is an all-purpose liquid cleaning product that can be used as a spray, wash, or directly into flowing streams.

It is highly effective at destroying insoluble protein complexes and urea salts, making it a great cleaning solution for homes, kennels, hospitals, and a range of different spaces. ODOR-RID eradicates foul odours, dissolves grease, and leaves any space smelling fresh.

The tech spec

How does it work?

ODOR-RID chemically counteracts foul offensive odours and dissolves grease and oily soils quickly and effectively. The product is effective at breaking down urea salts and insoluble protein complexes typically found in urine making this the perfect product for cleaning restrooms and treating urinal drains as a preventative maintenance measure. The product further chemically counteracts foul odours, and dissolves grease and oily soils quickly and effectively.

Where can I use it?

It is used in and around garbage areas, garbage compactors, drainage ditches, waste water systems, septic tanks, lagoons, and oxidation ponds and in areas where detergents, oils, greases and sludge tends to accumulate. Excellent for use in and around kennels, veterinary hospitals, urinals, cancer wards, nursing homes and institutional facilities. It immediately acts to control noxious odour and is also, a superior safe, all purpose cleaner for hard floor surfaces, walls & table tops

Does it clean as well?

Yes, from grease to garbage accumulation. It is highly effective in urinals to breakdown insoluble protein complexes and urea salts which accumulate in traps and produces a stable solution when mixed with water in proper dilutions. Scum and grease buildup disappear within minutes of application. Pipes, drains and traps show marked improvement with regular use.

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