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All purpose equipment spray

A “toolbox-in-a-can” will loosen and look after stuck parts – it’s even safe for electrical parts!

Open bolts that you’ve given up on

Open bolts that you’ve given up on

Apply and go - it won’t dry up on you

Apply and go - it won’t dry up on you

Spend less on maintenance with no more rust

Spend less on maintenance with no more rust

LUBITOL™ is a high quality non-flammable lubricant that never dries and prevents corrosion.

Padlocks will unlock 6 months after application. It displaces moisture and can be used to keep electrical equipment running under moist conditions. LUBITOL™ is also an effective penetrant – will loosen bolts when you have given up. It has no carcinogenic components.

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The tech spec

How does it work?

LUBITOL™ is a handy multi-functional electro-mechanical all purpose equipment spray for use on virtually any surface. Easy to apply and ready to use, non-drying, penetrating, lubricant and protectant with a high dielectric strength (may be used on any electrical part) makes it ideal for unlimited applications.

Can it be used in multiple applications?

Yes. It eliminates costly multi-product purchases and storage and it reduces staff “where to use what ” confusion. It has thousands of uses including:

  • Preventing mechanical and electrical failures due to moisture and/or corrosive atmospheres 
  • Preserving and prolonging the life of valuable equipment.
  • Extending the life of all types of lighting (indoor/outdoor) by reducing potential metal fusion caused from heat, corrosion and moisture build-ups
  • Making maintenance and replacement easier

What about old lubricants?

It flushes away old lubricants, soils and dirt to leave a freshly lubricated and protected surface with a single application. Removes grease, sap, tape, gum, tar, wax and adhesive residues.

Can you apply it to wet surfaces?

Yes, apply to wet or dry surfaces to assure more efficient action of all moving parts.

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