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Sanitisers & Cleaners

AQUAKLOR – Disinfecting sprayer (gun and caplets)
AQUALUTE – Non-butyl cleaner degreaser and deodoriser concentrate
BREAKER – Industrial cleaner
CRACKER – Cleaner degreaser concentrate
ENVIRO-LAB – Hand Sanitiser (75% isopropyl alcohol sanitiser)
ENVIRO-LAB – Touchless dispensers
INDISTAT5000 – Touchless dispenser
ODOR-RID – Odour Control and Degreasing Concentrate
QSAN-PLUS – Surface sanitiser with quaternary ammonium active
SANI-HANDS – Stainless steel touchless dispenser
SS BRITE – Stainless steel and metals cleaner/renovator
TRIOSAN – Deodorising disinfecting cleaner

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