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Clean, unblock, and freshen any drain

Effective in <strong>residential</strong> and <strong>commercial applications</strong>

Effective in residential and commercial applications

<strong>Environmentally friendly</strong>

Environmentally friendly

<strong>Breaks down grease</strong> and <strong>blockages</strong>

Breaks down grease and blockages

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BIO-DRIP is a liquid, enzyme-free drain opener and maintainer that removes blockages, eliminates foul smells, and leaves drains smelling fresh.

BIO-DRIP is environment-friendly and highly effective at breaking down and liquefying a wide range of organic material.
Use to maintain drains and prevent future blockages and odours from forming.

The tech spec

How does it work?

BIO-DRIP, enzyme free biological drain cleaner, opener and maintainer, is the latest development in the natural, biological treatment of grease laden drain systems. This select multiple strain synergistic blend of bacteria is specifically designed to go to work to provide rapid penetration, breakdown and degradation of organic deposits and blockages found throughout drain systems. BIO-DRIP also effectively counteracts odours often caused by organic build-ups within the drain system while penetrating to attack and digest grease and waste thus eliminating the source of the odours.

Where can it be used?

BIO-DRIP is especially useful to clear and maintain sink drains, wash basins, shower stalls, bathtubs and floor drains in hospitals, hotels, motels, restaurants and any industrial or institutional facility with a kitchen or washroom. BIO-DRIP is a safe effective drain opener, maintainer and odour eliminator for both freshwater and ocean bound fishing, cruise/tourist, ferry and freight transport ships.

What is it effective against?

BIO-DRIP is a unique bacterial blend with an enriched carrier that provides accelerated germination, growth and superior natural enzyme production that is effective on fats, oils, grease, protein, starch and carbohydrates. BIO-DRIP effectively reduces FOG, BOD, COD, SS, turbidity and ammonia concentrations. It ensures maximum digestion, especially in high volume or extreme conditions. BIO-DRIPS consumes waste with or without the presence of oxygen.

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